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Two stories

Two true stories I remembered today. Not sure if I ever blogged about it before.

1. The year was 1993. It was rainy and windy outside. I was chatting with my friend about her boyfriend. “Maybe I should call him”, she said, “see how he’s doing”. So she picks up the phone, and dials his number. In its usual manner when the weather is bad, the Greek telecom called “OTE” messes up. So when she dialed his number, she was able to tap on his phone line, at a time when he was (sweetly) conversing to another woman. Apparently, her boyfriend had a second girlfriend! And she learned about it in this twist of fate that makes you wonder if there’s God.

2. Back in 1998 I was working as a web developer in London’s Kingston, UK. My boss, Ed, would often shout at me to use this or the other font. I kept telling him that they all look the same. And he kept shouting back “damn, are you font-blind?” Apparently, I was. With enough training, I learned to make out their subtle differences.

Who are the Malbec?

Malbec is the best band you should get to know right away. Catchy electro-pop tunes wrapped with alternative rock style vocals. I bought their whole repertoire recently and I have fallen in love with their melodies. They are stuck in my head. Heck, I still haven’t found a single track on their albums that was below par. Amazing quality and attention to detail throughout.

Also, go to their web site and download their five new “Answering Machine” EPs for free. Or download their great videos (two of them shot with an HV20)! They look great on our HDTV via our PS3. Mark Pontius is not only a great drummer, but an amazing filmmaker too!

I made the following fan video for them. Songs and pictures are used in this video after permission from the band (thanks Mark!).