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Still pictures with the HV20/30

So many times I speak about the HV20/30’s video abilities, but its still imaging capabilities are possibly even better. The HV series are better digicams than any consumer snapshot digicam. You see, HV’s lens is a ‘faster’ one and of higher grade/sharper than the one used in most digicams, it has a huge aperture compared to most digicams’, plus its 10x zoom is equivalent to 16mm film in terms of background blur. In other words, the HV’s still imaging capabilities are somewhere in between a DSLR and a snapshot camera. The only thing missing is resolution (3.1 MP). The new Canon HF-S10/S100 camcorders ($1100) are over 8 MP, so if you are into a single device that does both photo+video well, these might be the models for you.

Here are some good HV20/30 pics. Click in to go and see their higher resolution version.

Click the link below to view more cool pics!
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