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iTunes and DRM-free music

A few months ago, iTunes went DRM-free, as you know. This is the most brilliant move they made. Here’s why:

My iTunes purchases during the DRM era (3 years): $2
My iTunes purchases since DRM-free (2 months): $203

Enough fucking said. Numbers talk by themselves.

Heads will roll

Sunday night, on the way back home from our weekly shopping I heard in the car a song on LIVE 105’s “SoundCheck” radio show. I fell in love with the song in an instant. Unfortunately, I missed the bit about who’s performing the song, so I had to wait two days for the LIVE 105 webmaster to update their page with the playlist. But hey, I now know what the song was: “Heads will roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In my opinion, this track is better than their first single from their new album, and all the songs they have on their MySpace page. Another great but lesser known song from this same album is “Hysteric”.

On the same show I heard Metric’s “Help, I am alive“. Great song too, using the same musical style.

If you also enjoy that style of alternative electro-rock music, check the LoveShot too. This brand new Canadian band is giving away their first EP for free. I learned about them via Vimeo, as their first music video is shot with the EX1 and the new Canon high-end consumer camera, HF-S10 (I have blogged about the camera before, and it proves to be an extremely popular topic over at — as it’s seen as the direct next-step over the HV series).

Update: If I die of a heart attack tonight, it will be because of that “Heads will roll” song. I can’t stop dancing like a maniac in my office. And the lyrics of the song are too appropriate:

Off with your head
Dance ’til you’re dead
Heads will roll
On the floor