Twilight, Part II

I gave the thumbs up for the Twilight movie the other day. But I have to say that I have a big problem with the novellas, especially the fourth one. Twilight was on the road to have a permanent place in my left brain hemisphere, along other sagas. Until I read the synopsis for the fourth book (spoilers below).

I immediately felt that there was trouble. All the romanticism, all the love for the forbidden, all the mystery, all what makes Twilight great, completely falls apart in the plot of the last book. Indeed, a quick read on reviews online, solidified my fears that this fourth book was not really needed and that the story should have simply be different in the third book; and should have ended the story at that time.

The fourth book is a disaster: Bella wants sex, and wants more sex, and some more too (let alone that Edward can’t handle it without injuring her because of his super-human strength). She gets pregnant, the hybrid child is killing her during a gruesome birth, and she becomes a vampire — along some other illogical and definitely non-romantic things going on.

Instead, what should have happened in the third book, is have either her father or Jacob die, and have Bella re-evaluate her desire to become a vampire. Eventually, she stays with Edward, but she grows old. The deeper meaning of the novels should have been about what it means to be human and that we don’t realize how valuable it is until the very end. There should have been no children plots (vampires have dead sperm anyway), and especially not Bella becoming a vampire — because the whole romantic thing about this story is about two different species fall in love, and the SACRIFICES they have to make to be together. What makes women’s socks rock off with Twilight is having Edward being in so much pain just so he can be with her! Women are suckers for such things! When you transform Bella to a vampire (or Edward to a human for that matter), it all becomes a pedestrian sitcom. Edit: After rethinking it, I think she should turn, so the romance lives on as we remember it. However, Jacob needed to die at the end of the last book, that should have been the 3rd book.

Hollywood is well aware of the disastrous, cheap, fourth book, and I honestly hope that they will change the story in the third movie and make it a trilogy. Completely ignore the fourth book, and the ending of the third book. Make it a different third story, one that makes sense and doesn’t crumble under its own weight. I don’t have my hopes high though.

Much disappointed. 🙁

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William Eggington wrote on March 30th, 2009 at 11:43 PM PST:

The sex part didn’t bug me. For a lot of people. . . if they hadn’t actually done it eventually it would have been a huge let down. Its a romance.

What DID bug me to no end was the never ending lead up to a battle that just. . . never happened. GAH! THAT was a major let down. Hundreds of pages spanning multiple books and . . . no battle.

The 3rd book was better for “action”.

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