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We watched “Twilight” with JBQ last night on Blu-Ray. We both really liked the movie. We liked it so much, that we also watched all the extras too, and started re-watching the movie too. I don’t believe we have EVER in our 8 years together we re-watched a movie within hours from the moment we finished watching it the first time!

The movie was very entertaining, romantic and well-paced (especially the first half). It was interesting to see that the author, script writer, director and editor were all women. The movie just felt genuine about the feelings it strives to awake. I think this is the best romantic movie I have ever seen in my life. It coupled my love for fantasy with romance elegantly (something that other boring Hollywood romantic dramas don’t do).

The movie deserved a much better average rating on IMDb. I think it’s so low (6.1/10) because the people who mostly vote on such sites are young males, and they probably felt that the movie was too girlie for them. The IMDb forums is full of smart-asses writing posts like “oh… I have my man period right now”, and another one replies “me too!”. Ultimately, I think they feel threaten somehow. Who can compete with fast, strong, handsome vampires if the girls at school only dream of such creatures — even if they don’t exist?