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Ambient rock rocks

There is a specific kind angle to rock that I enjoy in particular. That’s ambient/progressive alternative rock. I am a sucker for Very melodic hook-y tunes that take you into another dimension without the need for psychotropic drugs. These songs have a unique atmosphere. Coldplay is one of the bands that write such music, but find below some of the lesser-known and favorite songs of mine in that genre. Check these songs on iTunes.

* Fleet Foxes – Mykonos (free, from their label)
* Feist – One Evening (I first heard it here)
* Loquat – Swingset Chain (watch a live performance of the song)
* J. Ralph – One Million Miles Away
* Midlake – Head Home
* Midlake – Roscoe
* Jane Vain & the Dark Matter – C’mon Baby Say Bang Bang (youtube)
* Loquat’s whole album “Secrets Of The Sea”
* Longwave – Sirens In The Deep Sea (and the rest of that album)
* Band of Horses – Funeral (free, from their label)
* Faunts – What I’d love to hear you say
* The Coral Sea – In This Moment’s Time
* Faunts – Memories of places we’ve never been (free)
* Elk City – Los Cruzados (free, from their label)
* Early Day Miners – All harm
* Blind Divine – Something Magical (free)
* Matti Paalanen – Here comes the rain (free)
* Radiohead – Reckoner
* Malbec – Home (new Malbec songs are free)
* MGMT – Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
* Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal (free, from their label)
* J. Ralph – Thrift Shop Warrior
* Loquat – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
* Midlake – Young Bride
* Midlake – It Covers the Hillsides
* Zoe – Corazón Atómico
* Malbec – Anwering Machine
* Malbec – Dancing The Night Away
* Malbec – Pictures In Magazines
* Brightblack Morning Light – Everybody Daylight
* Britta Persson – This Spring
* House of Fire – Don’t go to hell without me

I only wish if iTunes’ Genius could find for me more such magical music (apparently it’s algorithm doesn’t analyze tunes).

And make sure you download the Malbec EPs from their site. These guys are really cool. They also shot three amazing music videos on their own too, using a Canon HV20!

Update: Apparently, part of that sub-genre of moody alternative rock that I like so much, is called “shoegazing” (also “dream pop”). It was popular in the late ’80s and beginning of the ’90s, but it’s considered underground these days.