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Lessig on remixing

We had a nice evening at Computer History Museum‘s special event tonight, where celebrated lawyer, founder of Creative Commons, and all-around free thinker Larry Lessig gave us a speech about copyright law, remixing, and his plans for the future. Very cool guy. He looked thinner than in pictures I’ve seen. Here’s proof:

Re-Cut: “You’ve Gotta Want It” by Dolorata

I completely re-cut and re-graded the music video of “You’ve Gotta Want It” by Dolorata. The original was too dark, boring, and cheesy. For the amount of footage I had (just 40 minutes of tape), I think I did a better job this time, as I used pans & crops to hide the fact that I don’t have nearly enough footage for a proper music video. HD version and download here.

To compare, the original cut is still available on youtube at Dolorata’s channel. It’s amazing that it got over 30,000 views overall though! I wish I had the current cut available from Day 1. 😮

Update: And as I was writing all that, I burned our dinner tonight in the stove.