Two feature films shot with the RED One camera

The trailers of two feature films both shot with the RED One camera: “Che“, and “Knowing“. Che feels more like a documentary, while Knowing feels more like a real Hollywood movie. It’s good to see digital taking over film cameras little by little.

Interestingly, viewing these films, they don’t always have very shallow depth of field — certainly not as much as 35mm adapters attached to cheap-ass consumer camcorders have. They feel much more natural, and yet, they still don’t look like home video. That’s because the composition of the scene, the lighting, dynamic range, and grading, are more important than just a shallow DoF scene. Another thing that bugs me with 35mm adapter footage on places like Vimeo, is the fact that 95% of them are just tests. Test this, test that. No footage of value to speak of. So why buy them then?

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