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Regarding the Greek riots

As I wrote at the blog of Stormrider, I don’t support the current riots. The rioters simply wanted a reason to just go out and have some raw fun at the expense of other people’s properties. The policeman who shot the kid might have been wrong, but this doesn’t mean that you riot over a single person’s bad decision. Bad decisions that cost lives happen every day, everywhere. The way you fix that is by taking the case to the court. That’s how things are done properly without more people getting hurt or losing their life’s worth of sweat. I am a very liberal person, libertarian at some points too, but not a violent anarchist.

Some changes in this blog

Commenting is back. Unless I remove it again… Additionally, RSS now will only show a summary and not the full text. You will have to come and read the post on this site to get the full text. The reason I did that is because more often than not I update my blog posts, but most of the web RSS readers don’t refresh the posts to show the changes. I hate that, sorry. Besides, there are no ads in this blog, so I don’t do it for any such purpose. Finally, I have enabled gzip support, so this blog should now load faster.

Update: With the help of Adam, now the RSS feed is full again, but it will have 1 hour delay before it publishes the newest posts from this blog. This will give me enough time to catch & fix potential typos in the posts before you get it on your RSS reader.

Update 2: It only took a day for the comment section to piss me off and interfere with my life, so they are now closed again, and never going to open again.