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Kites & Whirlwinds, v2

I revisited my “Garden Spinners” (was: “Kites”) video this afternoon, making at least 8 changes to the video. It is much more faithful to the beat now, and a bit more interesting too. Additionally, I upgraded the bitrate to 6 mbps VBR (original version was 5 mbps VBR), so if you had downloaded the previous version, please re-download the new one — it’s better.

I got some pretty positive feedback about this particular video, so I am interested to know if people prefer it over my jellyfish video. The jellyfish video is one of most “liked” HV20 videos on Vimeo ever, so I wonder which one is better.

Christina Aguilera – Keeps Gettin’ Better

I was never a big fan of Christina Aguilera. Her music work was “ok”, but all that high pitch “ooaaaah, aaaaah, ooooooh, yeaaah yeaaaaah” shit in her older songs were pissing me off. This is one of the reasons why I don’t like R&B/soul music, it’s like the artists try to show off their vocal abilities rather than singing the damn lyrics. It turns me off immediately.

But her new song, “Keeps Gettin’ Better“, is actually, better. It has an electronic style music, but with a mix of alternative rock style singing melody, and a bit of Rihanna in it. I like it, a lot.

Aha! So here’s why ‘Heroes’ sucks!

The problem is the “Heroes” creator, Tim Kring, himself.

Kring said no final ending for Heroes has been conceived, noting, “We didn’t have an island to get off of.” On top of that, Kring noted that “My original idea was more of an anthological vibe to it, where you regenerate the characters.

The way I read the above, and the rest of the things he said in that interview, is like this: “I have no master plan. I just put together a convoluted, written-on-the-go story, and I cross fingers that people will buy into it. You see, the Marvel movies were all over the Box Office, so I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I could strap together some super hero stories to make a quick buck? So I did. I made a quick buck, and it was fun while it lasted”.

And then, he also says that serialization on modern TV is a bad idea. Maybe it is, but then again, where would serialization be possible then? The movies, where it’s impossible by definition? What he fails to understand is not that serialization is not wanted by viewers, but that viewership naturally decreases on series after 3 years, because older viewers get bored, and new viewers don’t understand the whole back-story to get hooked. Which is why having a clock, a master plan, a premeditated story that makes sense, and a series that doesn’t last more than 3-4 years, is important. But nooooo… Tim preferred the quick buck rather than creating an artistic masterpiece (like “Lost”), or enjoy the kind of money that does come with it in the longer run (e.g. “Firefly” made more money after its demise).