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Star Trek trailer is out

The trailer for the new Star Trek movie is out, and it’s looking good. The forums are full of comments and the old hard core trekies absolutely hate it, but then again, we are talking about old people who will die soon (hehe…), and so it is of the outmost importance for the future of the franchise, that Star Trek gets revitalized, modernized, and finds a newer audience.

Before I saw some pictures a few weeks ago, and the trailer today, I had a problem with the Spock portrayal. I just didn’t believe that there was any actor out there that could have Nimoy’s eerie look and mannerisms. And if the actor would have decided to go his way and redo Spock’s character from scratch, that would have been a huge disappointment for me — given that Spock was the first love of my life, at age 5, a character that has inspired me, and steered a lot of my personality’s evolution.

But Zachary Quinto just looks amazing as Spock. I dare to say that this is the only actor from the bunch that actually tried to recreate Spock’s character as closely as possible, while the rest all look like a bunch of new kids on the block. Interestingly, I never particularly liked Quinto’s character on “Heroes”, the villain Sylar, but there are a couple of scenes in the ST trailer that show what a great actor he is. I had trouble thinking that this was not Nimoy. He seems to have put a lot of effort in recreating Nimoy’s body movements when in action, which is what makes him believable.

So overall, I am excited about the new Star Trek movie, and my only real concern is about the new franchise to not lose the “soul” of Star Trek. And that soul is just that: social commentary. Hopefully, JJ Abrams — who I don’t particularly trust — won’t turn Star Trek into a shallow action packed flick as this would be a lose-lose situation eventually.

Even more interestingly, this movie will be the first space-based science fiction movie in theaters, in two years. The longest, I believe, we ever had to wait for a space movie in cinemas. Makes you wonder.

fall foliage

The second video from our weekend trip, a relaxing nature video. HD version, comments and download here.


We visited Santa Rosa and Bodega Bay this weekend, and so here’s one of the two videos I shot. HD version, comments and download here. The second video will come later today.