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Gaming the system

How convenient.

A previously unknown singer, Lady GaGa, is now on the front page of Youtube’s most popular, with her music video “Poker Face”. It’s her third single. But very conveniently, that music video got up on the front page the day her album came out. If that’s not Universal gaming Youtube’s algorithms when it’s required to, I don’t know what it is. At least they don’t seem to abuse it constantly, so they are clear from Youtube’s radars.

Same goes for Intel btw. They released their new Atom dual core processors, and the accompanied chipset can only support up to 1 GB of RAM (for market segmentation reasons, obviously). This makes DELL’s new 12″ netbook completely and utterly useless. This 12″ netbook would have been my No1 choice to replace my 12″ Powerbook (which is pretty much unusable browsing the web these days even with Flash/JS turned OFF). Therefore, both Intel and DELL can eat my shit now. Here’s a hot one.