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The best of Madonna

I am a rock girl. But Madonna’s pop music is my weakness and always has been.

Now, you are probably thinking: “but her music sucks, it’s just boring easy-listening pop”. And I must say: not so. When you think of Madonna you probably are thinking of “Like a virgin”, “Material Girl”, “Vogue”, and “Hung up”. None of these songs are among my favorites though. The kind of Madonna music I like is the kind of music that was never released as singles, and so most people are not aware of it.

Here’s my top 10:

10. Gone
9. Fighting Spirit (unreleased)
8. Sky Fits Heaven
7. Mother and Father (ignore the actual video, acoustic version equally good)
6. Future Lovers / I Feel Love (Live version only)
5. How High
4. Lament
3. Paradise Not for Me
2. You Thrill Me (original, unreleased version of “Erotica”)
1. To Have and Not to Hold

All but one of these songs (“Lament” is older) are from the “third era” of Madonna, her electronic era (I musically categorize Madonna’s career in 3 major eras: the pop ’80-’89 era, the ’90-’97 weird sex shit era, and the electronic/disco of ’98-today). Interestingly, no song from her brand new album “Hard Candy” (review) makes my top 10.

Random Stuff, Part 26

* An interview with the person that should have been the president of USA: Mike Gravel.

* We were driving towards our usual sushi restaurant with JBQ one day and there were people on the side of the road picketing with the message “Yes to Prop 8 means freedom of religion.” Now, how is the allowance of gay marriage means no religious freedom is a mystery to me. Except if what these people really meant was: “I am a religious fanatic and I want you to be one too. I want the freedom of removing your freedoms”.

* Ubuntu’s Shuttleworth: “I don’t think anyone can make money from the Linux desktop.” Well, duh.

* I was recently made aware of Always’ “Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi With Flexi Wings” panty. Best product of the year. What took them so long to stop our nightmares?

* Beyonce is a very beautiful woman, who has a very good voice. And she radiates in a good way, seems to be a really good person. However, for the life of me, I just can’t stand her music. From all the major female pop singers today, she is the only one that I can’t understand the melody of her songs. In fact, in some of her videos, like “B-Day”, she dances and sounds ridiculously. Are there really people who buy that kind of music?

* MTV launched a new site that looks like HULU, but it only has music videos. And I ask you: what was the point of this site? Every single of these music videos and a hell even more than these can be found on YouTube. The only reason for MTVMusic to exist would have been if they had VGA, 480p or HD versions of the said music videos. But all they have is the same — if not worse — quality than Youtube’s. In other words, they threw a pile of cash in the fire. For nothing.

* I might close this blog soon. I am getting tired of it all. I feel tired of everything really, and so this might be the first thing to go.