Archive for October 25th, 2008

Why I hate the prosumer/pro market

This is why I hate it. Instead of giving you free firmware updates for your camera that you can easily install via USB, they ask you to send the camera to a service center and they charge you crazy money for the new firmware — that usually just fixes bugs that were there in the first place. The prosumer/pro market milks people like crazy, and it’s usually over-priced. I guess it’s the prerogative to make money, but I just don’t agree with such tactics. At least RED gives their firmware updates for free.

Android open sourced

Google’s Android is finally open sourced, and my baby’s code can be found in it. Here’s a recent git change that my baby did. How cool is that?

HV20s in the National Geographic Channel

The producer of a National Geographic TV show says that he used $150,000 cameras on the following police chase video, but if you look closely (look at 00:12), these are at least a bunch of HV20s mounted in the car. Their rolling shutter effect itself is giving them away too. Regardless, it’s great to see these little gems appear on TV. Discussion about it here.

In other filmmaking news, check this music video (password: andy), shot with the Nikon D90 DSLR. The best D90 video I’ve seen so far online.