Disclosure and politics

As you might have heard, UK released some of their UFO files recently. There is a rumor in the UFO circles that “disclosure” is close, and that the UN is under preparation for that day. Some say it’s as close as 4-5 years from now. They believe that the stock market will crash when disclosure finally happens, as the world will collapse for many (mostly religious) people.

I take most of the UFO believers very lightly as most of them are freaks (rather than because UFOs don’t exist), but assuming that the aliens are already here, and that a disclosure date is already decided, I wonder what would make more sense:
1. Disclose the existence of aliens in that future date, as planned.
2. Do it now, as the stock markets and economies of the world are already down. This way you prevent a second stock market crash in a few years. You can only go so low.

I wonder if going with option #2 would push people to the max or will make them behave more. What I mean is this: when a country’s economy is going to the dogs, there’s a lot of uneasiness in the air. But when the world’s economy is on the dogs, then the chances of having many and major international wars are increasing (I will refrain from the words “world war”). It’s what usually happens, according to history.

However, when you know for a fact that there are intelligent beings watching you, do you go ahead and start that war, or you start feeling like the kid who’s left with the neighbor family for the night and must behave? I wonder what the psyche of the mass would be in such a situation and how citizens can be used by their governments to contain them. Will they become fearful children, or will revolt with double the anger?

Essentially, what I am claiming is that disclosure can be potentially used as political means to modify unwanted outcomes for earthly problems. So you might expect it happen at the lowest point of our modern civilization. A point we probably aren’t too far off with all these financial, environmental and climate problems we face.

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