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Madonna divorces

As you might have figured so far, I am a Madonna fan. I have been since Feb 1985, when I first saw “Like a virgin” on a Friday evening on the Greek TV’s “Mousikorama” show. I always admired her no-shit attitude and strength — both in her professionalism and in her muscles. Maybe because I totally see myself in her claim that she’s “a gay man in a woman’s body”.

However, this divorce business lately shows to me that she’s not above Guy Ritchie, her soon to be ex-husband, in many levels. I believe that this is the reason she married him. She needs someone to guide her, someone more intelligent and cooler than her. Being the multi-millionaire Madonna, a person everyone calls “a bitch”, she meets people that are afraid of her. She can’t find someone stronger than her to put her in her place. She has trouble finding men who can control her. I believe that she needed to be with someone who will tell her things the way they are, and not the way she wants to hear them as. And Guy was just that. He’s that cool normal guy who goes to pub every night for a beer, who has this very balanced view of the world, who can see clearly in front of him and who’s not afraid of her stature. Unfortunately, these kinds of relationships are a ticking time bomb, because when time passes and she manages to go over that “need” and is able to start treating Guy as an equal and not like something higher than her, then she is in need of something stronger than him. Same thing happened with her first husband, Sean Penn (another no-shit person, but he happened to be less mature than Ritchie at the time). At least that’s my totally non-scientific take on the situation based on my totally subjective estimations.

Where it becomes messy is that Madonna tried to paint Guy ugly in the media and via their divorce lawyers. He was dumbfounded when he found out what Madonna was saying about him! The tabloids were having a fun day interviewing lawyers as to how much money “Ritchie can get out of this divorce, as there was no pre-nup!”. Guy though rises much higher as a person again. He pretty much said: ‘I don’t want a penny, I just want my bloody peace’. That’s the kind of ethics and coolness that attracted Madonna to Guy in the first place (he’s not a looker anyway). Madonna’s Kabbalah fixation was detrimental to their relationship (Guy tried to follow it just to be nice to his wife, but he ultimately shunned it away as he is an agnostic/atheist at heart), and her wish to adopt a second child from Africa was another (obviously Guy didn’t want all that media circus again around him, like the last time they tried to do just that). So, they were driven apart.

Personally, as an outsider who just reads the news and tries to piece together what happened (for some weird reason), I believe that Madonna will never find the same intellectuality, intelligence and coolness in another man. She’s 50, and she has become a bit of a ghost lately (kind of like Michael Jackson). I think that not backing down on a few things in their relationship, was a mistake on her part. When she will be 70 years old, she will regret what’s happening today.

Vimeo plus

Vimeo released Vimeo Plus today, a “pro” account for their video service with a number of features not existing in its free version. I don’t personally need the majority of these features as I upload only once or twice a month, but I will probably buy a subscription soon to support the staff.

I read here that Vimeo doesn’t make enough money from ads, and that it needs this kind of support from its users, or the future might be ugly for the site and its employees. Although I got to say, its HD feature did help with traffic the last few months.

Personally, I believe that the basic features are the ones that bring customers, and not the exotic ones. Vimeo lacks stability, for example, compared to Youtube. You never know if your encoding will go through, or if it will have its HD or SD version not re-encoding just because, or that slowness that exists in many parts of the site, or all the other weird bugs that pop up daily. I would personally gladly pay for better experience rather than for 2 GBs of space. I mean, honestly, unless you are uploading full TV episodes or feature movies, do people need 2 GBs of space per week? It is almost impossible under normal situations (and taking into account our busy modern society) to export more than 15 minutes of good HD footage per week for uploading. If people use up all that 500 MBs per week with the free account, they are either uploading crap, or they have no clue how to encode properly in order to save bandwidth.

Anyways, I have a soft spot for Vimeo because of its artsy side and its cool and very responsive staff, and so I wish it the best of luck, and hopefully I can financially contribute soon too.