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Madonna ’80s commercial

I thought I’ve seen everything Madonna has done, but this condom commercial back in the ’80s was one that I never saw before, or knew it existed. I was watching the “Sex: The revolution” documentary on VH1 Classic TV channel tonight, and they featured that old ’80s commercial with Madonna, in the eve of the AIDS outbreak, asking people to use a condom. “It might be the most important thing you’ll ever do“, she says in the commercial. Based on her haircut, I’d say that the ad was shot around 1988.

Searching on Youtube about the ad yielded nothing. You can find pretty much everything about her on Youtube, including some very rare ’80s footage, but this ad is not there. So I snapped a picture from my TV to show to other Madonna fans that might search for that ad in the future. The ad exists, it’s just more rare than rare. 🙂

I have a video of the ad too, but I won’t be uploading it.

No firewire on new Macbooks

Apple removed the firewire option on the new Macbook laptops. This is a terrible situation for people with HDV and DV cameras. And there are a lot of them, among them prosumer and professionals. Only Macbook Pro laptops still retain a FW800 port, which needs an adapter to work with firewire cameras. Problem is, after tax and some RAM, the cheapest Macbook Pro is over $2200, and that’s just too expensive for most people, including most prosumers.

The firewire death was of course written on the wall when all camera manufacturers switched to AVCHD, but the thing is that Apple jumped the ship too early in my opinion. I would have preferred to see this firewire removal in the next crop of Macbooks, in ~1 year from now. Just give people enough time to switch to newer cameras first.

It is my opinion that the removal of FW400 from the Macbook (and the lack of 24p support on FCE) will send a lot of videographers over to the PC camp. Alternatively, just buy the older Macbook model for $1100 (after tax and some RAM). Sure it’s not the newest model, but it will be fast enough for DV/HDV editing and multimedia. Or just buy a DELL Vostro 1310 with Sony Vegas Platinum 9, which is more feature-complete than the older Macbook (more RAM, hard drive, ports) at the same price.

Having said that, I still suggest people use real desktops for video editing and not laptops, but hey.

Update: I forgot about our audio friends. Apparently, a lot of MIDI and other recording hardware uses firewire, and so all these GarageBand enthusiasts are in the red too now. So this makes both the iMovie/FCE and GarageBand users pissed off. It almost doesn’t make sense: Apple’s decision not only kills Macbook sales, but it also kills iLife/FCE sales! Some examples of disgruntled people: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

I sent feedback to Apple about the lack of FW400 from the Macbook. I suggest you do the same too.