Archive for October 1st, 2008

Colorizing with the GIMP 2.6.0

A few months ago I sketched The Vision but I left it in B&W mode. Today, while trying the new GIMP 2.6.0 release, I decided to actually use GIMP more extensively and colorize the image. Then, I used the “cartoon” effect and the “canvas” plugin, to make it look like it was on magazine paper. I like GIMP’s interface much more than in the past, I must say. It wasn’t difficult to do what I needed, I like what I see so far.

The Vision

I am thinking of putting my sketching ability into some good use: do about 30-35 sketches of a story, colorize them with the GIMP, and then incorporate in it some live shots of a rock band. And produce a pretty cool music video. Just an early bird thought.

Update: The feel-good timeframe for Gimp didn’t last too long — as expected. I will revisit it in 2 more years.

Apple fuckin’ sucks

They removed the “browse new iPhone/iPod apps” links that used to be in the “categories” box of the AppStore page. And the “what’s new” placeholder does NOT show the newest releases, but rather it’s yet another “recent staff picks” kind of thing. So we have no way to view the truly newest releases, and discover new apps easier. I don’t know what’s going on through Apple’s mind, but they really need to get a clue. These links were the only reason why I would visit the AppStore via iTunes.