The best TV

Ah, it feels good to be right. 🙂

After lots of whining on my blog back in March that “plasmas are overrated”, or “plasmas burn easier and consume too much power”, or that “whatever, I will still get an LCD”, now YET another test shows that Pioneer’s plasma TVs are far superior to any other TV in the market. Even Panasonic’s high end plasma TVs can’t touch the Pioneers. Of course, this landscape is going to change, as Pioneer will start offering LCDs too and start using Panasonic panels instead of creating their own like they do now. I expect Pioneer to lose its steam in the long run because of these decisions, but hey, people want crappy LCDs, and that’s what they are going to get.

As for the $3700 we paid for our Pioneer plasma TV, we got what we paid for. We have zero complaints. Alright, maybe one: their 24p processing (that makes pans smooth) is not fast enough for most 1080/24p footage, as the TV was probably mostly tested with DVDs rather than Blu-Rays. You get a kind of judder when the TV tries to smooth out pans on HD content. I expect newer models to have this resolved.

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