More music videos shot with the HV20/30

As you know, I put up an “HV20/30 Music Videos” group at Vimeo the other day. Today, I did an additional search on youtube for more such videos, that don’t appear on Vimeo and therefore can’t be added to the collection. So I will list them here instead:

Frequency Fifty Four – Last Call
Laura Aidanblaise – Wrinkles
LadyBoy – Tell Me, Time
Mike O’ Quinn
Johnny Bizarre – Why Is She So Fragile
Erämaa/Riikonen – Autumn Wind
Hot Water – Interiors
Ryan J. Smith – Redondo Bay
2ST feat. Daddy Fresh
Joe Chad – Confession
FADA General – Shake that THIN
Woods of Terror
J-ricz feat. The Beat Bumz – Mother’s Day
NVMD2D – Oh Cecilia
Young Joshua – It’s Cold
City Stereo – Hit and Run
The Dealer – Can’t Take My Blood
Nihil Quest – (Also Sprach) Franky
FRANC3S – Nuestra fe en el veneno
InMe – Single Of The Weak
Fei Comodo – Break the Ice
The Morning After – Sometime After Dark
Fei Comodo – Behind Bars
The Orange Strips – The Fire
Mark Arthur – Gain
Khingz -Cloud City
Easy – Hardest Around
Ash Verjee – The Pioneer
Craft projects for gangstas – Crafty
Matt Ridder – Gravity
CityStereo – Santa’s Back
MagiCJacK – In The Mouth Of Madness
The Vanguard – Rio
The Vanguard – And Then We’ll Dance
Axis-So – Serious
Rob Szabo – All the Sleepy Souls
Pato – Lose Control
For Life – Stand My Ground
My Perfect Room – Bonesbreak
Young Ace – Never Change
Joshy “El Sucesor” – Bailame solo un poco
Mark-D feat. Cam Dollaz – Fresh, Cool
Williams Mizrahi – Caminos Diferentes
Andre Taylor – All About You
Rencore – Under Destruction
Kenny Black – Take a look
Voe(Black) – Trained2Go
Daughn Godd featuring Dru Burna – When I Rhyme
The Sixth Letter – Fly or Die
Stellar Dexterz – Cold Chillin
Lucy Day – A Trick of the Light
– Most of the music videos from this guy: K3Films
Arman Bohn – Combat
J-ricz feat. The Beat Bumz – Mother’s Day
Burg Boys – Bout that bread
Fitzy – The wall
Suthern – In Your Arms(Moms Song)
Kmex – I Rep Mistri
– Every video from this artist, Walter Manglona
Urmega Don – “Tu Foto”
Joel Gildersleeve – “It’s Not Hard to See”
Between Horizons – “It Goes On”
DJ Spider – “Tried By 12”
Hannah Wolff Band – “Ghost of You”
Southwind- “Malay Mo” (most of this director’s music videos used an HV20)
Biv De Vera- “Hurting Inside”
Gumshaw – “Gimme Your Love”
Peter Jones – “When The River Runs Dry”
dEUS the architect – “Satisfaction Injection”
A Tainted Image – “The Sea Of Grey”
AndREA – “Disponible”
Pluto One
A Milli – “Dominicanyol Remix”
Criao En La Calle
Jupiters Child – Let It Go
Mike Beck Paper touching Freestyle
Kamal Supreme – “All she really wants is love”
and two-three more, found on Vimeo, but don’t allow inclusion on collections:
The Screening – “Diem”
The Screening – “10 Green Bottles”
for the rest I can’t find their URLs back.

The above list will be updated every few months. Here’s the vimeo list:

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