The engineers

Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo wrote a silly article yesterday about no attention to detail on Android by the Google engineers. The silliness comes not from the facts (I don’t find Android/G1 sexy either), but for the blaming. You simply can’t blame the engineers for some marketing mistakes, or even for the overall UI. The engineers create whatever their specs say. You can only blame an engineer when you read the source code through and decide that the code design, or the algorithms used are bad. But you can’t blame all Android software engineers for the phone’s UI usability and graphics artists.

I often bitch about software too, but you will never see me bitch about engineers in the corporate environment. I usually simply name the company in general just because I don’t have real names in my hands. But I don’t go directly to bitch against their engineers. I do bitch about OSS developers, because these guys are working top-down: they are the marketing, bug testers, engineers, artists, web developers, project managers, etc etc of their app. They do all the work (badly, usually), and I can put a name behind their face. But in a corporate environment, there are different people who do the UI, who take the decisions, who do the marketing, who write the docs, and who code. While they work as a team, the decisions are not always taken together.

So if Gizmodo didn’t like the UI of Android or marketing capabilities of T-Mobile/Google, they should have tried to find out who really DESIGNED it and who APPROVED it. That’s journalism. And then give them hell. And I can give you one hint. It wasn’t the engineers who did so. Just don’t blame the wrong people.

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