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You are surrounded

L.A.P.D. That’s the name of a new TV comedy in Greece (L.A. here sarcastically means “lekanopedio Attikis” instead of Los Angeles, which is the name of the prefecture that Athens belongs to). This is just a trailer, but if it’s half as good as the trailer wants us to think, it might be the most well-done TV show that hits Greece since “Treis Harites” in the early ’90s. Given that I hate the Greek TV, it says much about this effort.

Some funny lines for those who don’t speak Greek:

[On 2′:07″ three cops pull guns at each other.]
Cop: “I am going to kill you!”
[A woman walks in, everyone starts looking innocently, while two of them hide their guns]
Cop [with his gun still visible]: “I am thinking of getting another gun, maybe one in silver color, what do you think?”

Mother: “…This reminds me of your late father”.
Son: “Mom, dad is still alive…”.

Cop (learning english): “you… are… sur… suruded… surrounded…”
Other cop: “Yes, dolby surrounded!”

Cheesy, sure, but better than what was there before in the Greek TV.

Update: Another series, drama this time, that seems to also be pretty rad. I am happy to see the MEGA Channel give money to filmmakers who can create new and interesting kinds of shows, rather than the shit Greeks have been watching for over 20 years now.

One of the ways to realize that this is a real push for something different in the Greek TV, is not just the plots/scripts of these new series, but the fact that all the actors are pretty much unknowns. This is obviously a grass root effort to REBOOT the Greek TV shows and gain back the youth audience (no under-30 person in his/her right mind watches the current shitty shows on TV). And the fact that both these series end up on the same network, Mega Channel, it means that someone at Mega has his fucking head still screwed on, and he has some decision power.

This is good, people.