Comcast’s 250 GB limit SUCKS

This 250 GB limit per month on Comcast is going to kill me. I downloaded a bandwidth monitor utility earlier, and I have consumed already 600 MBs of data — just by browsing (ok, and a bit of Vimeo in SD mode).

This means that we (I) consume at home an average of about 10 GBs of data daily. WITHOUT any pirating. Not only that, but I am using the NoScript Firefox addon that doesn’t allow ads/scripts/data to be loaded from external sites. If I didn’t have that we would be looking at around 13-15 GBs of data daily!

At the current rate, at 30 days a month, that’s about 300 GBs. I am off by 50 GBs of data every month! I experimented earlier with turning off images on the web, but it makes usage of most CSS pages impossible. I am fucked. I really need to be less in front of the computer, or upgrade our plan.

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