Why Asian gadgets suck

Don’t get me wrong, I love Asian people. But their software practices suck. Sure, not all Asian companies are like that (there are some real pro software companies in Japan and India), but most of the rest, suck big time in the way they work and offer software solutions.

Such examples are all too common to ignore: viruses in mp3 players, media player gadgets that feel that they were designed by 3 year olds, super buggy software in general etc. As a reviewer who has seen lots of gadgets in my time, failure is what I expect from no-name or semi-noname Asian products when it comes to software.

The latest snafus come from Asus and MSI. Read and weep. The reason why these things happened is because of how most of these companies work: an engineer develops a version of the OS/firmware, and takes it home to test it further in his work/personal laptop, and one good day he goes to his boss and says: “it’s stable-enough, release it. Here’s the ISO image you need, from my laptop, it’s pretty stable, I’ve used it“. And so that used version (with cracks, porn, viruses and the like), ends up in end-production.

What many of these companies lack is process. It is also a cultural thing. They don’t take software seriously. Software doesn’t make them money directly, hardware is. Software for them is an after-thought. This is the philosophy they have. And this is why Samsung and LG’s touchscreen phones suck compared to the iPhone. Because these guys don’t get it.

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