Random Stuff, Part 24

* Bad, really bad cold. Fever, tendency to throw up, unable to stay awake but also unable to sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time, couldn’t breath when lying down, and heart arrhythmia (I was feeling that my heart was stop beating when falling asleep). I caught the bug from JBQ, but I really think I had a worst time than he had… He was driving to work and all, I was unable to even walk as far as the toilet.

* I am thinking of buying the DELL Mini 9 for $480 (fully spec’ed) when my 12″ Powerbook dies. I prefer it over the Acer Aspire One as it also has Bluetooth and a 3G card onboard. I guess the next big thing in these nettops are the 1280×768 resolution at 10″. The res is the main reason I prefer XP over Ubuntu. A large number of GTK+ utils just don’t fit on 600px vertically. And this is something I was shouting at the Gnome devs for years now, and they were coming back to me to say “nobody uses 800×600 anymore”. Well, too bad for you, but the latest trend is 800×480 and 1024×600 res nettops, and some of your badly designed utils don’t fit. So I am going with XP.

* [Spoiler] Ancient Egyptians will be seen on the new season of “Lost”. Man, can’t wait for February.

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