Immigration woes

We must be one of the most unlucky people when it comes to immigration, visas and green cards (we already have 5-6 failed ones because of plain unluckiness). Our lawyers made a mistake in the filing of some papers and now we might have to leave US for 2 months — unpaid. Which means that we will lose double-digit thousands of dollars. Although 2 months sounds better than a year, which is another recent bureaucratic fuck-up that we might have to endure (we won’t know for sure until the last moment).

And then you are telling me why I support globalization and open borders? Well, that’s why. JBQ is one of the brightest engineers in the valley, and he fully deserves to work with best of the best — which right now this means Google, here, in the US.

I am in distress right now. This shit never ends. We are in this mess since the first day we got here.

Update: There is a way to not get stuck in Europe. We should be able to come out of this mess fine. Crossed fingers.

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