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OSNews is the past

The bulk of the OSS-fan OSNews readers are the kind of people I just can’t stand. They will try everything to discredit valid arguments, just because they come from someone who uses profanity, like Linux Hater. I got a lot of shit for linking a Linux Hater post from an OSNews KDE article today (an article which actually had two more links to other KDE articles, but NO ONE actually took the time to comment on these articles).

Until Thom gets healthy again I thought I help out with the day to day posting, but really? I am not OSNews material anymore. How can I post software news when I hate software, and especially OSS desktop software? I do try to be as unbiased as possible (hence the multiple links per article to different opinions), but I won’t remove negative articles from the daily menu just because the freetards don’t like it. I don’t care what they like or what they don’t.

It was nice that this happened though today. It freed me. OSNews is not my thing anymore, it hasn’t been for a long time, and I don’t want it to be again. I’ve moved on.

Random Stuff, Part 20

* RMS writes FUD about the Gates Foundation. He should be ashamed of this. In my opinion, RMS has completely lost it.

* Went out on Thursday to shoot a property. I had a great time, there are some really nice places in Los Gatos (south Bay Area).

* My husband on his work at Android.

* There is still justice, some times.

* Good news for sci-fi lovers. The 25 minute footage of the original “Metropolis” 1927 movie that was lost for almost 80 years, has been found back. Now the movie will make more sense.

* And speaking of sci-fi. Last year I was whining that there are no space-based sci-fi movies anymore. Milos was quick to tell me that “Sunshine” was the only one (I did watch it a few months back and didn’t really like its second part). But this year? I really didn’t hear about any movie that uses spaceships and the like. No, WALL-E doesn’t count, I am talking real live action here.

* Lots of editorials lately discuss if it’s cheating to have sex with a human-looking robot or not. My opinion is that it’s simply pathetic. Cheating or not. Not different than these plastic dolls really. If you have to use a plastic doll, it’s just a pathetic state. It’s not about ethics, I don’t find it unethical to use sex toys or dolls/robots. But it’s more of “get out more you stupid couch potato, and get some real girlfriends” kind of thing rather than anything else.