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RE: I hate Linux Graphics

Linux Hater has a great post about the sad state of 3D under Linux — even if 10 years have passed since we first start bitching about it. It’s amazing how slower than Windows XP all graphics-related operations are on Linux. From 3D games, to video decoding, and most recently experienced, Flash 9 decoding of a 720/24p video from Vimeo (about twice slower on a 1.6 Ghz CoreDuo than on my much older and slower P4 3Ghz that runs XP). The Lunix users will always blame commercial companies for “not optimizing for Linux”, but when everything is slower than XP, including OSS apps, something else is going on. And Linux Hater only touched the surface on this one.

This is the kind of stuff that prompt me to think that Gnome should initiate a complete “reboot” of the Linux desktop, integrating and re-writing everything that a desktop needs: from a new 3D interface and driver hook-up, to new sound engine, to a new window server, and only run the old X apps via either a rootless X server or just virtualization.


I watched “Hitman” last night (based on the EIDOS video game). This was a movie that could have had a successful franchise (a’la Jason Bourne), if the script was better (e.g. more in-depth character and situation, less confusing plot, more info on the Organization).

Although for the ‘just’ $18 million it cost to create, it already did pretty well (grossed $96 million). Hopefully, there will be a sequel that will do better artistically. Timothy Olyphant said that he was contracted for 3 movies. He was super-sexy as the overly serious bald assassin known only as “Agent 47”. A great actor too who deserves more fame.