The new DELL studio laptops

Dell released tonight their new Studio laptop line. They are very nice looking laptops: they go up to full HD 1920×1200 at 15″ or 17″, they have an HDMI out to watch movies on the HDTV, and there is a choice for a Blu-Ray player. I swear, I would go for one, but not without the following three features that I also need:
– Keyboard backlight. On my current laptop I hit the stumbling block all the time: I mostly use the laptop when JBQ is sleeping and the lights are off or down. So I really need the backlight like the one on the Macbook Pros.
– DVD burning ability with their Blu-Ray player drive option. The current one reads CD/DVD/BD, but doesn’t burn CD/DVD. I do video, so I need the ability to burn DVDs.
– An SDHC reader slot (not plain SD). I need that to use with my Kodak HD digicam.

Give me these three hardware features (possibly for another $70) and I would buy one of these babies with closed eyes. I am afraid though that while these features will eventually come, by that time the firewire port would be redundant and it would be excluded — and I need firewire for my DV/HDV cameras.

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