Random Stuff, Part 18

* Remember Josiah Leming, the majestic homeless kid that was booted from American Idol for not having a super-voice? Well, he’s luckier than the American Idol winner. He got a Warner Bros contract (that’s possibly way less demanding than the American Idol contracts as many major labels was after him so was able to negotiate better terms), and he’s currently working on a new album. His album will probably be out before the Idol winner’s will. I wrote before about Josiah, he’s the ONLY contestant that will last. Why? Because he is an artist. He knows how to write music, not just how to sing. Remember, half of the American Idol contestants/winners who have got a contract, they have already lost that contract. The latest one who got sacked was Fantasia, very recently. And that’s because these winners are simple singers, not music artists. When their shining star is not so shining anymore, no one cares to give them new songs for free for a new album. Josiah will outlive all them in this business because he knows how to write, and what he writes is amazing. If you like Coldplay, you will love Josiah too. Check the first two demo songs on his myspace page. The first one is destined to be a big hit when it’s finished and fully recorded.

* Gnome’s Zeeshan Ali is pissed off because Ubuntu removed a release note when the guy reponsible for the feature asked for attribution. Sorry, but if I was Ubuntu I would have done the same thing. It’s simply not practical to list all the developers who worked on a particular feature, especially when the license doesn’t requires it. It would require an extra employee to put such a log together. Neither is fair to just attribute one guy and leave everyone else out. So removing the feature from the list was the logical step to do.

* I know you hate Madonna. But thing is, her tickets are sold out worldwide for her upcoming tour. Same story in Athens too. Her previous tour was the most successful of the year and the most successful for a female ever. There is a reason for this. It’s because she’s giving a real theatrical show, complete with effects and “wow” moments. She’s not a great singer, she’s only a so-so dancer, but her on stage music is really uplifting and the overall show is amazing. She is a show performer. So people go to see her droves.

* I read about depression today. Some say that it’s a physical condition and not a psychological one, but come on. I lived in the country. I have never met a person who was “depressed” in my village. Life was hard, but that was life. Over here in US you find more depressed people than you find healthy ones (and I am one of them). It’s my opinion that living in big cities, like the rats, is killing us little by little. If only JBQ was to follow me, go live on a mountain, have our potatoes, tomatoes, goats and a simple life… And be able to drive our big speakers to the max with Iron Maiden music and no one would complain… 😉

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