Random stuff, part 17

* There’s a chance that we might move back to Europe for a year. It’s going to suck if this is going to happen. Moving between continents is not that easy.

* I just watched this. 20 whole minutes for an eye and lip job. What a freaking waste of time. If make-up takes you more than 3 minutes per day (e.g. a lip gloss, a quick shadow and eyeliner spread just to tone a bit your natural characteristics), then you are a living as a slave of mother nature: you slut out to get more guys — even if you don’t realize it. No, stupid, it’s not just about “looking pretty”. You want to look pretty in order to get more guys. You know it deep inside. Honestly, I never, ever, understood the point behind spending hours in front of a mirror, or spreading brown paste onto your face. That’s some stupid shit, right there. Same goes for expensive jewelry.

* Last Friday’s ‘Battlestar Galactica’ episode was the first episode I enjoyed since season 2. So far, like season 3, season 4 has been really sucky, slow, and full of spiritual gibberish that made no sense whatsoever.

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