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The Linux hater

There’s this new popular blog, the “Linux hater“. I have to say that I agree with most of what the guy writes. He ain’t no fool, in fact, the guy is a developer and had enough experience with the platform to criticize it in this fashion (it is obvious that he is knowledgeable when it comes to Linux-related happenings going back to 10 years and he is/was at least a power Linux user if not a developer). Neither I believe that he works for MS as some people accused him. I truly believe that he just writes his opinion, an opinion that most of the time is not far from the truth.

Reading him a bit more reveals EXACTLY how most developers feel and behave and think about consumers in the Silicon Valley (and elsewhere). Reading this is not too different than hearing our (engineer) friends talk at barbecue parties:

Take a software product from some commercial company. If you ever get a chance to get through the marketing folks and talk to their devs, chances are that they know exactly all the ways concerning how their products suck. They’ll have a huge list of reasons of why they can’t implement some feature that you, non-paying, ass-hat, non-customer, wants. And then they’ll tell you what they should, “Show me the money, or bugger off. We’re working here.” And then they’ll talk shit behind your back about how you have no idea what it takes to ship reliable working complex software.

His blurb about GNOME was 100% on the mark. Most of his other ones find me in agreement as well as to what’s wrong with Linux as a user-friendly desktop platform. His LSB post was on the mark too. The guy ain’t a troll, don’t try to downplay him. The guy tells it like it fucking is. That’s the kind of people I like.

Lost, simplified

For those who don’t have the time to watch “Lost”, here’s a simplified summarization:

Season 1: Are there others on this island?
Season 2: There are others on this island!
Season 3: Oh my God, the others on this island are nasty!
Season 4: Hell! There are other others too, and they are even nastier!

The ‘I Like Implant’

The RIAA/MPAA will — at last — solve the decades old problem of piracy: an implant behind the ear of each citizen.

When a person listens to a new song or watches a new movie and the implant detects cannabinoid and seratonin production in the brain (chemicals responsible for euphoria and happiness), they automatically charge the person $0.99 for a song, or $3.99 per movie. The implant is Bluetooth-based and so it can recognize the song/movie via the –also Bluetooth-based– source playback device, and can send usage and chemical response statistics back to RIAA/MPAA via the person’s cellphone.

Efforts to remove or mess with the implant’s chip can lead to permanent hearing and hair loss. On the positive side, the chip is able to induce the right hormones for guaranteed satisfaction during sex, and immediate sleep after going to bed, battling once and for all the age old problem of insomnia.

The “Pro” version of the implant, which adds support for reality shows and porn, comes with the first 25 music tracks free of charge. The pro version is also able to boost the hearing ability by 12%, so this model is certain to prove popular with the seniors.

The chips will be manufactured in China, and this was a point of concern in the US Congress last month as some feared that the implants might be compromised by the Chinese intelligence to do “more” than they are supposed to. A big chunk of money from RIAA/MPAA put these fears to rest and the President’s spokesperson promptly assured the population that any such fears are unwarranted.

The standard version of the implant costs just $49, while the pro version costs $79. Plantation is free of charge, albeit possible technical support might not come cheap — the RIAA/MPAA lawyers are still working hard trying to find a fair price, something that they have successfully achieved in the past numerous times.

And… he can sing!

Lost’s “Hurley”, Jorge Garcia, singing. Very nicely if I might add. He’s got a nice personal blog too (which gave quite a scare to ABC originally as the suits there were afraid that he would spill the beans about “Lost”). He’s funny too.

Dolorata: great band

Again through The OWL Magazine I got to know the local rock band Dolorata. I love their album, and especially the song “The Keys“. That’s hard, modern, rock ‘n’ roll, performed by a five member all-female band, that don’t sound like stupid cheerleaders (e.g. Avril, Ashlee). That’s real girl/lesbian power, right there, not wimpy crap.