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The future of Gnome

Havoc and Jono made some good blog posts about the future of Gnome. The problem is two fold: the older Gnome 2.x “celebrity” devs are not involved in coding anymore, and the newer ones can’t get past the celebrities. Havoc also correctly speaks of the fact that breaking compatibility with Gnome 2.x is not what most users would want.

If the community needs revolution instead of evolution stop looking at the pretty graphics and how to improve this or that. A revolution requires radical thinking. For example, artificial intelligence. If you don’t have the guts or knowledge to bring such big changes (that can take years to complete), then don’t. Simply improve what we already have little by little and don’t do changes that would upset users rather than completely change the way they work.

My 35mm adapter is here

My first ever 35mm adapter arrived today. It is built by Worley, and I think I was the last person who got one, as he sadly — but understandably — closed the shop a few days ago.

The adapter has an achromat and it’s vibrated. I tried it with a 50/1.8 Canon EOS lens, but I must have assembled it wrong as the ground glass rotates when I turn the lens’ focus ring. I am waiting for my JBQ to come back from work and have a look for me.

And thanks to reader Josh for letting me know of these cheap rails designed specifically for the HV20/HV30, going for just $125 (with shipping). That’s dirt cheap if you think how much rails usually cost.