Nokia’s S60 4.0

A few years ago I said that Nokia’s Symbian-based S60 platform will definitely go touchscreen for its 4.0 version. I saw the trend back then, and it’s coming true now.

Now that Nokia has released some video and screenshots of their upcoming interface I can only say (without having used one) that it’s nowhere as good as an iPhone. If you look very carefully you will notice that their new interface is nothing but their old interface, re-arranged and with touch support. It still has what it feels to be touch-based soft-keys (jeez), it still uses a stylus for many operations including input (I type much faster with my iphone than any traditional full keyboard stylus-based input), while the overall look and feel just doesn’t seem as clean and straight forward as an iPhone’s. Plus, it’s so easy to walk on Apple’s patents, that would make it impossible for them to innovate in any big way interface-wise.

It is my opinion that when it comes to interfaces and feel-good vibe, Apple has zero competition. Just zero. I have yet to see any touchscreen device from either Motorola, Samsung, LG, MS or Nokia that even touch Apple’s superiority in usability and looks.

And I am not even an iPhone fangirl. I guess this chart of mine won’t change a lot for the years to come.

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