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Reptilian aliens in Foster City

I found this on YouTube today, about the city I am living in, Foster City.

The creator of the video also says in the comments that: “the reason this series of videos was posted because i discovered a large community of reptilians in the foster city area… including several on the police force in foster city.”

Yeah, I guess there are a lot of Mexicans in the police force over here. I am an alien too. I am from Greece.


My final “Lost” theory for this year

It occurred to me earlier today, after remembering Locke’s assertion in the season finale that the island “is not an island“. I think it’s a spaceship!

It is not weird the idea of a biosphere to travel the galaxy and appear as of magic by bending space and time on compatible planets. This would explain why the island can “move” itself. It explains why the island has surrounding “walls” (aka force fields) that Desmond could not escape with his boat, unless he was to take a very specific route.

It also explains the four toe statue, which is a remnant of that old human-like civilization that built the island/spaceship. When they arrived to Earth, some stayed in the island (e.g. the ageless Richard), but others scattered around the planet and had children and took a taste of our civilization. The descendants of these aliens are some of the “special” people in the show, e.g. Walt, Locke, maybe even Jack, that the island now “demands back” after thousands or hundreds of years.

This theory doesn’t contradict my other theory last week btw. I still believe we are dealing with an AI entity that keeps the island in shape for the return of its original inhabitants and their descendants. Maybe this is what Charlotte meant when she said that the island is her birthplace. Maybe this is why the island feels like a purgatory, and why the AI computer named Jacob creates lists: because only the worthy will be allowed back.

UPDATE: My theory was posted over at DarkUFO’s “Lost” fan site. You can discuss it there.

Free Speech vs Hate Speech

Disclaimer: Before trying to take apart my arguments, please do some research first about the boundaries of free speech and hate speech. It’s a centuries old problem with no easy solution. Therefore, what I present here is just my opinion as I take one of the two sides. No matter which side you take, it’s a problem without a clear solution, so there’s no much point debating my position. It’s been debated to death already.

Yesterday, a French court has fined former film star Brigitte Bardot 15,000 euros for inciting racial hatred. She said she was “tired of being led by the nose by this population that is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts“, referring to a mass sheep slaughter/eating tradition by Muslims (similar to the one us Greeks have for our Easter too).

Personally, I disagree with her that people should not eat lamb and that this is a tradition that can ‘destroy’ France. However, I also disagree with the court’s decision to deem that opinion as “hate speech”. I agree that “defamation” should be something that should exist on a law system, but not “hate speech”. I don’t think that “hate speech” even exists in the vast majority of the cases that do get prosecuted. According to Wikipedia, “hate speech is a term for speech intended to degrade, intimidate, or incite violence or prejudicial action against a person or group of people”.

Honestly, I don’t think that Bardot’s reasoning was to intimidate or incite violence against the Muslims of France. Instead, she simply loves animals, and she has the opinion that allowing people from other cultures to enter France changes the French way of life in a way that she doesn’t wanna let go. It’s an opinion. She is a French citizen, she grew in the traditional French culture, and she doesn’t like to see things incompatible to her culture taking place in her own country. You agree with it or not, it’s just her opinion. In fact, in EVERY country there are countless people who feel similarly (e.g. Americans about the Mexicans, Greeks about the Albanians, Germans about the Turks etc), and when people feel something like this, they should speak out EVEN if they are wrong about it. If they can’t take it out of their chests, it’s ALSO wrong you see. If you don’t agree with these views, simply IGNORE them.

France has hate speech laws that restrict the open expression of anti-Semitism, and ethnic bias in public, according to Wikipedia. If that’s true, then France has no free speech in my opinion. USA is the only major country to not have regulation for hate speech, but only for defamation or intention to riot. I have to hand it to the Americans here, that’s the way to go, and I kneel before its forefathers. It’s very sad to see all these EU countries on the Wikipedia article not guaranteeing free speech.

You see, when I listen to Pat Condell’s videos, taking apart the whole Muslim culture, 10 times more vigorously than Bardot, I just feel bad for her for living in a country that doesn’t guarantee free speech. Condell was once accused of hate speech last year, but he doesn’t seem to take shit about it. The thing with Condell is that he is able to articulate the opinions of countless people that simply don’t have the strength to say it for themselves because of fear of lawsuits. When I watch Condell’s videos, I don’t just see someone who rips apart religions and cultures, but I see true free speech. I see someone who is not afraid to speak his mind. And same goes for all those religious activists who reply to his videos either with comments or with video responses disagreeing with him! That’s how our civilization and culture can grow, free speech is essential.

So if Condell can (thank God) speak his mind and not get punished by anything and anyone, why Bardot can’t? Is the blame on a restrictive French law, or he is simply luckier that his videos are hosted in USA, or is it the fact that he masquerades his opinions with stand-up comedy helps his cause? Whatever the answer is, people should not be fined for their opinions.

And btw, I love lamb. My mom told me on the phone the other day that when we finally go back to Greece she will slaughter a lamb for us and roast it. Yummy.

Tiffen’s Film Look DV Kit

I received Tiffen’s Film Look DV Kit a few days ago and played with it with my HV20 and our recently purchased Canon 450D XSi. The kit includes contains a 4-pocket pouch and the following filters: Black Diffusion FX ½, Black Pro-Mist ½, Warm Black Diffusion FX ¼, and Soft/FX 1. Read the rest of this entry »