Sex and the City

CNN asks about “Sex and the City“: “can a pure chick flick become a hit?” and it later answers its own question with “yes, if it draws a diverse enough swath of female moviegoers”.

I won’t be going. In fact, I find anyone who goes to watch such shows brain damaged. Yeah, go ahead, hate me all you want. I just don’t find pleasure going to see four middle-aged women slutting around while looking miserable underneath that glossy exterior and expensive shoes.

What’s the point of that movie? I’ve been alone for years while in UK, without having a shoulder to cry on. There was nothing glorious about that life. It sucked. I’d go out with some so-called friends on weekends, would also buy expensive shoes and sexy clothes, but it all accounted for nothing despite my efforts. At the end I found true love through IRC. JBQ first told me that he loved me without having seeing me yet. 8 years later, we are still together, loving each other every day (except Mondays 😉 ).

So why would I want to go watch these poor souls trying to find true love with all the wrong means? Not that IRC is the way to go, but slutting around is not the way to go either. It’s for the same reason I don’t go watch horror, war and prison movies: why would I want to go and depress myself voluntarily? This makes no sense to me.

Update: Two pictures from that era, 10 years ago. It has the word “desperate” written all over these pictures. That was/is so not me.

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