Warcraft II music, Part 2

Four years ago I wrote how much I love the music of the Warcraft II game from 1995. I just found out that Blizzard released the whole soundtrack for a download in 2005 (I believe, legally). Download it here, and if you are using iTunes, you can use this image as your album cover. The mp3s come properly tagged with the composer’s name, Glenn Stafford.

This is the best video game soundtrack ever. If the musician was able to strike a deal with Blizzard, use a real orchestra (instead of just a synthesizer), and release an audio CD, I would buy it in a heartbeat. This music is the strike of a genius, and apparently, after googling about it, many agree with this sentiment. Not only that, but they also agree as to how sterile and flat the WoW music was compared to WarCraft II’s.

Best pieces in the collection is the “Human 2” and “Orc 2”. Give it a try, the download is just 22 MBs.

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