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Two more sketches

JBQ came from work and we were supposed to go shopping for the week, but he was so tired that he slept for 1.5 hours. So I took the time to sketch two more portraits, ‘The Vision’ of the Avengers, and Wolverine of the X-Men.

The Vision
The android Vision was always a tragic and sad figure. I hope I captured that.

In this sketch, I hope I captured Wolverine’s angry, animal-like nature.

That’s it. I won’t be sketching again for another 10 years or so…

Why I love “Lost”

This is why I love “Lost”. It camouflages itself as an action drama, but all the geek elements are there, in the form of easter eggs and scientific-like mysteries that eventually will be big parts of the overall story. “Lost” is simply any geek’s dream of a TV series, and anyone who have stopped watching it is only because his/her not watching closely enough — or they are not geeky enough.


One thing you don’t know about me is that I can sketch. Not very well, but truth is, better than most people can. I learned sketching all by myself since the age of 4. I still remember the beating I got for sketching all over my family’s (expensive) encyclopedia when I was 7.

Since the last serious sketching I did was 9 years ago, not even my own husband has seen my work (which I have left back in Greece, and possibly the rats have already eaten it away by now in the cellar). A portrait of Captain Hook was my best work ever, which I completed during a cold afternoon of 1992 in Germany. After that, I did very little sketching and I pretty much stopped in 1999 (except for a quick attempt to sketch JBQ in 2002).

But today was the day. The Marvel announcements brought me some inspiration back, but I was afraid to grab the pencil back to my hands. After all, 9 years without sketching guaranteed a failure. Thankfully, I did better than I thought I would. I finished with a pencil, scanned it, and then used PaintShopPro to just add the colors. Here it is.

Captain America

More Marvel Universe

I’ve said many times that I love the Marvel heroes. The kick DC’s heroes asses real hard!

Zap2It now has many release dates from the upcoming Marvel movies: “Iron Man 2”, “Thor”, “Captain America”, “Avengers”, “Punisher”… I can’t wait for the “Mighty Avengers“, my all time favorite comics. I always had a crash on Hawkeye, and when he wasn’t looking, there was always the Vision. 😉

The only thing that bothers me is they keep rebooting the movie series a bit too much. The new “Punisher” movie uses a different actor than in the 2004 movie, and “Hulk” too. I much prefer a more solid universe where the cast is what it is, so it’s more believable this way.

Hopefully, the “Fantastic Four” will get a third movie too to finish up their trilogy, but this doesn’t look very possible now… At least the “Wolverine” movie is coming out soon!

Rantings of Eva album

The first full album of “Rantings of Eva” is out! It includes older songs from their EP and some new ones too. “Sirens” and “Fracture” are their best of their new songs, but “Bright Side” remains my all time favorite of their repertoire and one of my favorite songs of all time. Overall, an amazing alt-rock album that more people should know about. Help the band by buying it DRM-free from iTunes for $10 or from Amazon for $9. This album is my first iTunes purchase, even if I had an account for a while now. Overall rating: 7.5/10

A few months ago I published an interview with Dusty Watts, guitarist of ‘Rantings of Eva’.