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Consumer cameras in Hollywood

This just in. For the sequel of “Crank“, titled “Crank: High Voltage“, the director is not using the RED cameras that he already used on his previous movie. He’s going even lower in price. He will be using a number of XH-A1s and HF10s from Canon. The HF10 is a $900 AVCHD consumer camera (a bit worse in quality than the HV20). The idea is to use these cameras in places where the big Hollywood cameras just don’t fit, or if they do, they fit after a lot of work of re-arranging the set.

To the directors: good luck removing the pulldown out of the HF10. It will piss your editors off.

Barcelona’s “It’s About Time”

An amazing song. Why these guys are still without a contract, no one knows about them, and according to their blog they only have money to buy tour vans that break down in the middle of nowhere?

Illogical ratings?

Ratings just don’t make sense. You have stupid shows like the slut drama “Grey’s Anatomy” supposedly watched by at least 16 million viewers per week, and “Lost” only got this week 11.14 million viewers, the lowest performance ever for the show. And that, followed by a very good episode last week. That doesn’t make sense, right?

The interesting thing about “Lost” is the fact that it’s the most recorded live action series in the world, as nearly 35% of its additional viewers are DVR users (making it 15+ million viewers overall, plus it’s the most popular illegally downloaded show). Secondly, it’s the show with the most 18-49 year old viewers, which is a key demographic for advertisers. In other words, the kind of people who watch CSI and Grey’s Anatomy are mostly old (or plainly put, boring) people who like old-style TV shows.

The conclusion I draw from the above, is that “Lost” is created for the kind of people who don’t sit in front of a TV to watch it. Not the traditional kind of viewer, but the geek one. The “Lost” viewer is more likely to TiVO the show, download it off iTunes, or download it off Bittorrent, or simply go to ABC’s site and watch it in HD — almost without any ads at all.

Personally, I see “Lost” falling below 10 million viewers by the 6th and final season, but its star among its fans will continue to be as bright as it is now. Thankfully, ABC knows all that so there is not the slightest chance for the show to get canceled.

Crane-like shots with your tripod

Vimeo user Kingofpunk emailed me with the following tripod tip: