Today isn’t my lucky day.

1. Friends came by to take me to lunch over at Google, while I was 100% sure that our rendezvous was for tomorrow, Friday. Not only that, but I had told JBQ that it would be Friday, so he was not expecting us at work until tomorrow! Sorry Brent, Amy! I screwed up, I really need to read emails more carefully!

2. A reader asked me if he can license one of my articles (which he linked to his email to me) for his newsletter, and I gave him authorization for a completely different article! Again, I didn’t read my email straight.

3. There’s a good chance I am going to shoot a music video clip for a local indie band soon, and I made some tests locally. The idea was to have the audio sped up 25%, shoot a video lip-syncing to the sped up audio, bring the video to Vegas and slow it down to the point that it lip syncs to the original non-sped up version of the audio. Thing is, when I told Vegas to slow-down the video, I told it to do so at 0.750 rate (75% of the 1.000 playback rate, right?). Well, it wouldn’t sync. I emailed Vegas support, only to come back to me, looking like a buffoon to them, and reply to me the obvious: that the video rate should be 0.800, not 0.750. I suck at calculations.

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