Regarding bras and shit

I hate these modern bras that you now find everywhere in the market. They have this, I don’t know, piece of metal around them that HURTS. Sure, it makes your breasts look like floating devices, but that’s just too much. I am not willing to put up with the pain associated with it. So in the past few years, each time I would buy a bra, I would remove that metal from inside it.

I feel the same way about stiletto high heels. I don’t mind to have some heels on my shoes, but I don’t see the point of the stilettos. I find them laughable, along with the women who try to look ultra sexy for no apparent reason — especially when they are already married.

And what’s the point of wearing $10k earrings either? You can buy a car with that money. Or help your less fortunate distant family members.

There’s a point where someone could look good and sexy and comfortable, and I like that and I am sure more husbands would like that too. But look-modification via painful bras/stilettos/piercing/mud-baths and expensive jewelry is not something I support because I don’t see the point of it.

Yup, as a teenager, my girlfriends stopped asking me to go shopping with them because I was their worst nightmare. I have had these opinions since I remember myself, not because I am older now or try to excuse myself. I am a pragmatist to the bone. I always was.

Or party-pooper. Depends how you see it.

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