Random stuff, Part 11

* Some Lesbos residents are suing a gay group for using the word “lesbian”. How pathetic and stupid. Someone needs to teach these people about how language evolves.

* Pidgin is getting forked for not listening to the users. I thought that this was long overdue. I never liked that project and the way it ran. Its main developer had the audacity once to tell me that no one cares about video IM and video iChat support. A few years later, and Adium (which sprang out of Pidgin) is actively work on it.

* Are you into a new PC for your video editing needs? Here’s a good deal (ends soon). Just make sure you spend the extra $20 to get the faster 800 Mhz RAM, and add $30 for the firewire port if you own an HDV firewire camera.

* Five nice, free, and legal, mp3 songs:
– “Fire” by AlibiTom (amazing song)
– “Beyond the Door” by 13ghosts
– “To Be Gone” by Anna Ternheim
– “C’mon Baby Say Bang Bang” by Jane Vain and the Dark Matter
– “Oh Yeah” by Morning State
– More legal downloads here (“Cat Swallow” by Royal Bangs found there is great).

* A sneak peek from the new “Lost” episode tomorrow.

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