More incompetence

There was this live Madonna show I wanted to see, a early peek on her new tour. MSN was broadcasting it live, online.

So I go to the main page, which had a big Madonna picture in there, and a countdown counter to the show. So I go there 5 minutes before the show starts, just in case there was a limit of how many people can watch at the same time.

So the countdown goes to 0, and it resets to the NEXT show. But on the big Flash placeholder there is no show showing. Apparently, I have to press “watch now” (bad usability). So I press “watch now”, and I gets me to another page that resizes my browser. God how I hate that.

So, I watch the 32 second ad, but then nothing loads. It says that the broadcast is not available to watch. I thought, I was too late, too many people are logged in for that shit. However, the ads were keep loading one after the other, but the concsert was a no-show.

Then it hit me. I should try to watch that with IE instead of Firefox. And then it worked! But I already lost 5 minutes of it.

Excuse me, but if you are not going to support Firefox, at least give an error message that makes sense and instructs us what to do instead of saying that the “broadcast is not available”. Besides, all ads worked perfectly with Firefox! So why not the show?

And to top all of that, there is a 1 second delay between video and audio, making it unwatchable. IE or not.

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