The Shape of Things to Come

One of the best “Lost” episodes aired last night. However, from the direction point of view, I have had some problems with the way the plot was presented:

1. When Ben wakes up in the Sahara desert, within seconds there were two men in horses approaching him. Well, the director should be left in the Sahara desert for a day to realize how big it is and how difficult it is to stumble on someone.

2. Ben using that knife like a ninja, was a bit over the top. Ben has given me the impression so far that he can barely program his VCR.

3. The “redshirts” (the non-speaking lostie roles) all died within 10 seconds. Sawyer and Claire were unharmed by the bullets and the explosions, while the redshirts died so easily and so fast. It’s stupid and unrealistic. Even for those who claim that “the island protected Sawyer and Claire”, it looks stupid from the direction point of view. It’s not how the action scene should have been constructed. It was not dramatic, or fair, the way these characters got rid of. It felt like excess fat removed and that’s not what we have been led to feel about the losties, including the ones we know nothing about. Each lostie death should have had its own (quick) scene, and at a similar tone, the way Keamy’s team escaped the Smoke Monster should have had its own scene too (because they did escape).

Oh, and I hope the reason for this “hurry up” direction was not the fact that “Greys Anatomy” ate 2 minutes of “Lost”‘s programming, because I will hate that STUPID show even more. For the 10th time: why do people watch medical dramas which are not really medical dramas but slut dramas? Each doctor is humping every nurse and other doctor in there. God, I hate that shit.

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