The ridicule of UFO that I am not afraid of

I didn’t know the following, I just stumbled on it tonight on Digg. Apparently, Democrat ex-candidate and congressman Dennis Kucinich saw a UFO in the 1980s (Jimmy Carter saw one in the 1970s too). Actress Shirley McLaine was the one who made this known in her autobiography, as he apparently saw the UFO while he was visiting her:

“He saw a gigantic triangular craft, silent and observing him. It hovered for about 10 minutes or so and sped away with a speed he couldn’t comprehend. He felt a connection in his heart and heard directions in his mind.”

A few days later, he was asked on national television if that account is true. Kucinich said it was, that he did indeed had seen a UFO. FoxNews shat on him the same day, calling him a lunatic. How classy.

Politically I don’t agree with Kucinich on everything (e.g. he’s against H1B and L1 visas), but he does seem pretty stable to me. If he saw something that was not explainable, it probably wasn’t. Except if the lack of B12 on his vegan diet made him see things… šŸ˜‰

Expect soon an interview with one of the “UFO Hunters” crew here on my blog. The show airs every Wednesday at 10 PM on History Channel.

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