I got pwned by a guy on IM today:

Anonymous: Hey, Eugenia, would you like the URL to download the movie “Jumper”?
Eugenia: No.
Anonymous: Why not?
Eugenia: I don’t do piracy.
Anonymous: It’s not piracy!!! You watch it, and if you like it, you buy it.
Eugenia: No, it does not work this way. You don’t eat the tomato before you buy it.
Anonymous: No, but you can see if a tomato is good or not before you buy it. So you would buy a rotten tomato?
Eugenia: You can still read reviews and watch a trailer for a movie. And you can go to and read more reviews and comments.
Anonymous: So, if I want to buy a tomato I need to first ask the shop owner if his tomatoes are good or not?
Eugenia: Sure, why not?
Anonymous: Because the only thing he wants to do is sell, sell, sell…
Eugenia: You can only buy from the people you know that they have good tomatoes.
Anonymous: Well, see, I already paid for the movie in the theater.
Eugenia: Yes, but you paid for the cinema view, not for a free copy. You are not allowed to copy movies. You should wait and buy the DVD.
Anonymous: Yes, I will buy the DVD too. From that Chinese guy around the corner!!

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