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Random stuff, part 9

* JBQ is leaving me… He will go to Boston as part of his work. He will be back before you know it though. Heh, he can’t really leave me for real, what did you think? 🙂

* I am ravaged by a cold that I caught from JBQ. My right eye cries all by itself, and I sneeze a lot. My throat is soar and my nose is like a war zone. Thankfully, no fever.

* “Lost” is back this Thursday at 10 PM. Can’t wait. Check these clips from the upcoming episode. I hear that the 3-part finale of the season is going to be incredible, with major twists in it.

* Blender is forkable. I know that there is a “secret” mailing list somewhere consisted by some developers who have created Linux video editors in the past, but having used a bit of Blender’s VSE, I must say that forking that module might be the way to go for that underground team. I’d say that about 60% of the job is done for them by the existing Blender. The rest 40% is about cleaning up the interface, adding pan, crop, track motion and text support in a more usable way that doesn’t involve the 3D part of Blender (which is near impossible to learn).

* Tiffen sent me today for a review their “Film look” filter kit, and two ND filters. Review soon at FreshDV.

* I am concerned about the food crisis. My family in Greece are already hit by it pretty hard, especially my father.

Software Sucks, Part 10

On April 5th Microsoft charged my credit card the amount of $20 in order to receive the subscription for “Hotmail Plus”. This services allows you to get Hotmail mail on your Outlook Express (OE). Today, April 21st, I receive an email from MS saying that OE will be discontinued from Hotmail access in June 30th! So why the hell did they charged my credit card if that was the case? Needless to say that I have requested a refund.

Anyways, it seems that the time has arrived, after failing attempts to use Thunderbird, to move to Windows Live Mail. That was when the adventure started, after downloading the Windows Live Mail installer:

1. It wouldn’t install. Apparently I needed to go manually to the MS Update site with IE7, manually find a non-mandatory SingIn application, install that, and then Mail Live would install.
2. After it got installed, it tried to import Outlook Express’ mail automatically. After waiting for it for 1 hour, it would be completely stuck at 5%. I had to kill Mail Live on its virgin load.
3. After reloading Mail, I tried to import OE’s mail in manually (1.6 GBs). Apparently this time it has imported everything the right way, but it put everything in a special storage folder.
4. I exported my accounts from OE, but my account would NOT import to Mail Live, while all the other accounts imported fine. It just said that it couldn’t read the .iaf file! I had to recreate it manually.
5. I exported my OE contacts to .csv and the Mail Live Contacts application choked at around 20%. It stopped importing. I had to kill the application and my contacts are still not imported.
6. All my accounts have a separate entry in the compartment on the left. I don’t want that because I have to click each one of them to see my mails from several accounts. I want a SINGLE unified entry for ALL my POP accounts like OE did it. And I want to be able to have my imported email from OE under that unified account too!
7. Mail Live uses between 120 and 350 MBs of RAM. It’s a fucking dog. OE never used more than 25 MBs of RAM.
8. Mail does shit with my machine on the background. My drive goes gzzz gzzz gzzz every second. I hate it, I fucking hate it. This will kill my hard drive if it continues like this. (Update: Apparently it was writing on the log every second saying that I was out of contacts quota: 6500 contacts. No normal user would have ever found that out).

The only feature that I would want that Mail Live has and OE doesn’t is automatic spell checking. But honestly, I am not interested in sacrificing the speed, stability and straight-forwardness of OE for spell checking. So what was the point of killing the application and re-writing it from scratch? OE has been the most stable app I have ever used in my life. It is rock solid. So why not just refactoring that instead of re-writing it?

I am seriously thinking of uploading all my email to Gmail via IMAP and use that and never use a desktop mail client again. I would only use Live Mail every few weeks to migrate my Hotmail mails to my Gmail account.

Update: I tried to move all my mail to Gmail today via IMAP. It seems that Live Mail can’t even work properly as an IMAP server. It farted after having moved only 63 emails over from the 39,000 requested.

New problems: When I click now a link on a message, it opens on Firefox a whole minute later. It didn’t seem to have this problem yesterday. Update: And this is fixed by disabling the “use DDE” on the Explorer’s URL filetype advanced menu. What a mess.