The 12th Cylon theory, Part II

Nine months ago I wrote a post about the 12th Cylon. In there, I presented my opinion that either Baltar or Cally would be the last Cylon.

Now the writers are showing Baltar on a different light: that of the sidekick one, who’s there to get the plot rolling and be the character that brings together the Cylons and the Humans — for better or worse. Similar to what Locke is for “Lost” pretty much.

Because of that, I think the last Cylon is Cally. The reasons why I believe so are:
1. She had a child with a Cylon, while Helo’s and Boomer’s child (Hera) was supposed to be “the only” child among humans and Cylons that could ever be conceived and that’s why it was “special”. This means her child holds lesser importance than Hera, and this could be an indication that she is a Cylon.
2. Cally could not sleep after the nebula, the same time the other four Cylons were hearing music. She’s also affected, but differently.
3. The writers said that the last Cylon is not included in this promo picture. They also said that Laura, Baltar, Helo, Starbuck, and the two Adamas are not Cylons. This leaves Cally, Dee, Admiral Cain, Romo Lampkin, Gaeta, Billy, Ellen Tigh, Tom Zarek, Kendra Shaw, and maybe Crashdown.

So, if I am not completely off base here, the writers are trying to pull a “Lost”-like WTF, having Cally waking up from the dead (not resurrected on a ship). Her story is more recent and more relevant than resurrecting, let’s say, Billy. Having Dee or Gaeta as Cylons is a bit too much of a boring choice. They would be the definite choices if this was a TV show in the ’80s, where everything was predictable.

We’ll see in the next few weeks.

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