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SciFi Channel in HD — at last

At last. Comcast brought Sci-Fi Channel in HD in the Bay Area. I was bitching about it only a few days ago. Now we can watch “Battlestar Galactica” in HD. Only funny thing is that I noticed the rest of the channel quality (e.g. NBC) was reduced, and the timetable is that of the East Coast (so we can watch BSG 3 hours earlier). Other new HD channels added were CNN HD, AMC, TBS, Food Channel and Animal Planet.

Monitors I’ve had

I thought about the evolution of monitors I owned today. I got my first PC in 1995 (486 DX2/66 Mhz, 4 MB RAM, 420 MB drive).

1995: no-name 800×600 14″ color CRT.
1998: Belinea 1024×768 15″ color CRT.
2000: LG 1280×1024 19″ CRT.
2003: Sony 21″ 1600×1200 CRT.
2005: Dell 1280×1024 19″ LCD + above Sony.
mid-2005: Samsung 1200×1600 21″ vertical LCD + above Dell.
2007: ViewSonic 1680×1050 22″ LCD + 32″ LCD 1080i HDTV + above Samsung.
2008: HannsG 28″ 1920×1200 + above Viewsonic.


I love all animals (well, except snakes), but baby birds are so amazingly beautiful. I got this new camera last Saturday, so I went out to snap some pictures. And there she was, the mom Mrs Duck and her five ducklings. So beautiful. They were not afraid of me at all. It’s nice to be in a country where ducks and geese are not afraid of people, as such a public display of a duck in Greece would result in a definite roast.