My birthday present

I’ll be 35 in 1.5 months. God, I am old. Good news is, I’ve been thinking of a present (I got nothing for my name day and Christmas), but I can’t decide as to which one to get.

The first idea is to get a 35mm adapter for my HV20. I was hot on the idea of getting a cheap one from TwoNeil and be done with it, but JBQ wants me to use his EOS lenses, so we are now thinking of getting a vibrating adapter from my co-moderator at Worley. I just want some background blur damn it. Using HV20’s manual focus is an exercise in patience, while masking on post is a major pain in the butt (like I did below), especially because Vegas Pro has no automatic tracking like After Effects does (and Vegas Platinum doesn’t even have masking). Plus, it looks unnatural, or “green screen’ed” at best.

The second idea is to get a special Vegas keyboard from Bella. It’s the only affordable keyboard that has a Jog/Shuttle Controller and that’s a cool idea, although such a keyboard won’t really change much the speed of which I edit. Truth is, I am concerned about the quality of their drivers. They still don’t have 64bit driver support, not even Vista support! This is usually a good indication of sucky XP drivers too and not enough attention to detail. None of their marketing/PR emails work anymore either.

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